Allow users authenticated with Google to view your private status page

Step 1

Sign in to your Google account

Go to the Credentials Page in the Google API Console

Create a new project

Give the new project a name

Click Create

Step 2

Click the OAuth consent screen tab

Choose User Type Internal

Click Create

Step 3

Add your status page address to the list of Authorized domains

Add to the list of Authorized domains

Click Create

Step 4

Click the Credentials tab

Click Create Credentials and select OAuth client ID

Step 5

Choose Web Application

Give it a descriptive name

Copy the Callback URL from the Dashboard to the Authorized redirect URIs field

Click Create

Step 6

Select the credentials you just created 

Copy the Client ID and Client secret 

Click Save

Step 7

Go to the Private Mode tab in your account

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret

Click the Save button


If you’re experiencing issues with your private status page, view Troubleshooting Private Pages for more information.