Connect your UptimeRobot monitoring checks directly to components on your status page to control the status automatically.

Up and down alerts are supported. An UP event will cause a component to be operational and a DOWN event will be displayed as a service disruption. Notifications are not sent for UptimeRobot status updates.

1. Retrieve the webhook address

  • Select the component from the Infrastructure tab in the dashboard
  • Copy the Uptime Robot webhook for the component/container combo

2. Add the Uptime Robot alert contact

  • Login to your UptimeRobot account and select My Settings
  • Scroll down to the Alert Contacts section.
  • Click Add Alert Contact and choose Web-Hook for the contact type.


  • Insert the webhook address from in the URL to Notify field.

3. Add the alert contact to a monitoring check

  • Select the monitoring check and check the box for the new alert contact


  • The check is now connected to

4. Reviewing activity

  • Review recent Uptime Robot alerts from the Recent Activity section in the dashboard