Connect your New Relic checks directly to components on your status page to control the status automatically.

Alerts from New Relic cause a component to be marked as Service Disruption.

Retrieve component email address

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Select the component from the Infrastructure tab in the Dashboard
  3. Copy the New Relic email hook for the component/container combo

Connect New Relic monitor

  1. Sign in to your New Relic account
  2. Select Alerts & AI
  3. Click New notification channel
  4. Select the channel type: Email
  5. Input the email address for the component in your account

6. Select Policies and attach the notification channel to an Alert Policy

That completes the set up. From now on, alerts will be sent to when the alert condition is triggered

Reviewing activity

Review recent New Relic alerts from the Recent Activity section in the Dashboard