Connect your Pingdom checks directly to components on your status page to control the status automatically.

We support incident alerts and up/down alerts. An UP event will cause a component to be operational and a DOWN event will be displayed as a service disruption. Notifications are not sent for Pingdom status updates.


  • Select the component in the dashboard.
  • Copy the Pingdom email hook.


  • Select Alerting in the Pingdom Dashboard and then Alerting Endpoints.
  • Add a new alerting endpoint using the email hook address.
  • Choose Old Message Format.


  • Create a new Alert Policy.
  • Assign the alert policy to your new alerting endpoint.


  • Connect the appropriate Pingdom checks to the alert policy.

Legacy Contacts

If you’re not using BeepManager, simply set up a legacy contact and your automation will work the same.

Pingdom Accounts Created After June 27th 2016

Pingdom changed how alerts work for accounts created after June 27th 2016. Simply attach the email hook to a Pingdom user and set up the monitoring checks to alert that user. For instructions please see Pingdom’s documentation at

More Info

For more information, check out the Pingdom alerts documentation.