Connect your Pingdom checks directly to components on your status page to control the status automatically.

Up and down alerts are supported. An UP event will cause a component to be operational and a DOWN event will be displayed as a service disruption.

1. Retrieve the email hook

  • Select the component from the Infrastructure tab in the dashboard
  • Then copy the Pingdom email hook for the component/container combo


2. Add the Pingdom alert user

  • Login to your Pingdom account
  • Select Alert Recipients from the Pingdom Settings and click¬†the Add contact button
  • Give the new contact a descriptive name and use the email hook you copied from your account

3. Add the alert to a Pingdom check

  • Edit the Pingdom check and add the alert user in the Alerting Settings
  • Click the Modify check button to save the settings
  • The check is now connected to

4. Reviewing activity

  • Review recent Pingdom alerts from the Recent Activity section in the dashboard