Broadcast status updates via SMS to your subscribers anywhere on the planet using your Vonage account.

Overview does not charge extra for SMS messages. Instead we built integrations with Twilio and Vonage allowing you to use your own account and phone number with independent billing.

Vonage charges per SMS message. International messaging rates vary and we highly recommend reviewing Vonage’s pricing at

For best security practices, we recommend creating a separate Vonage account to use only with your status page.

Note: Each status page requires a unique phone number for SMS. If you have multiple status pages, a new number must be created for each status page.

Provision Vonage Number

Log in to your Vonage account and select Communication APIs.

Click Numbers->Buy numbers and choose a US toll-free number.

select a US toll-free number with SMS

Note: If your Vonage account is new, you may have to contact Vonage Support for authorization to purchase US toll-free numbers.

Configure Vonage Number

Click the Manage button next to your Vonage number.

Enter the SMS Inbound Webhook URL:

Retrieve Vonage API Credentials

Copy your Vonage API Key and API Secret from the Vonage Dashboard.

By default your Vonage account has a single API Key and API Secret, you can request more by contacting Vonage Support.

Connect Vonage Number to

Log in to the Dashboard.

Click Notifications->SMS.

Select Vonage as the SMS provider.

Enter your Vonage number, API key and API secret.

Click Connect Vonage.

Monitor Usage

Keep track of your SMS usage directly in your Vonage dashboard.


View the delivery status of each text message from the Vonage dashboard.

Click Logs->Search messages to bring up the Search messages form.

Disconnect Vonage

Disconnecting Vonage from your status page will disable SMS notifications for your status page. This will not delete the number from your Vonage account.

Click the Disconnect button from the Notifications/SMS tab in the Dashboard.