Subscribers can sign up to receive status notifications using a variety of methods such as email, webhooks, SMS, Slack and more.

Add, modify or remove subscribers from the Notifications tab in the Dashboard.

Search Subscribers

Use the search box to filter your subscriber list. You can search based on any part of the email address.

Example of a search for the term “gmail”

Controlling Subscriber Signups

By default anyone can subscribe to receive notifications directly from your public status page.

If you’d prefer to retain complete control over your subscriber list, the Subscribe Button can be disabled.¬†Then subscribers can be added manually in the Dashboard or by integrating with the Developer API.

Learn more about Importing Subscribers.

Turn off the subscribe button from the Design / Advanced tab in the Dashboard.

Spam Protection with reCAPTCHA

Protect your subscriber list from spam by requiring new subscribers to verify they are human with Google reCAPTCHA.

Enable reCAPTCHA from the Design / Advanced tab in the Dashboard.

Export Subscribers

Click the View More Subscribers button to view the entire subscriber list. Next click the Export Email Subscribers button to generate and download a CSV file containing all subscribers.

A separate CSV file must be downloaded for each subscriber type (ie. email, webhook, sms).