Connect your Pingdom account to display metrics based on your monitoring checks. Multiple Pingdom accounts are supported.

Get API Token

Log in to your Pingdom account

Navigate to Integrations and then The Pingdom API

Click the Add API token button

Give your new token a descriptive name

Set the access level to Read only

Click the Generate token button

Copy the API token

Get Monitoring Check ID

Each monitoring check at Pingdom is assigned a check ID. Follow the steps below to get the check ID.

Log in to your Pingdom account

Navigate to Experience Monitoring and then Uptime

Click the graph for the check you want to use as a data source

The check ID will be displayed in the current URL of your browser’s address bar

Note: The Pingdom integration does not support Transaction or RUM checks

Connect Metric

Log in to your account

Navigate to the metric you want to connect to your Pingdom check

Enter the API token and Check ID from your Pingdom account

Click the Connect Pingdom button