Create a new status page using the design and settings from an existing status page.

Duplicate a status page

Sign in to the Dashboard as the account owner and select the status page to duplicate

Navigate to the Design / Advanced tab

Click the Duplicate Status Page button

Settings that are duplicated

  • Design settings
  • Custom code
  • Notification templates
  • Incident and maintenance update templates
  • Email notification settings
  • Subscriber disclaimers
  • Location map settings
  • Status bar settings
  • Stats widgets
  • Custom status levels
  • Custom incident and maintenance levels
  • Localization settings
  • History settings
  • Advanced settings

What is not duplicated

  • Incidents and maintenances
  • Metrics
  • Infrastructure (Contact Support to duplicate the infrastructure)
  • Subscribers
  • Images (logo, header, favicon)
  • Team members
  • Page specific settings such as custom domain, private mode, SSO and other settings that are not covered above


  • Only the page owner can duplicate the page.
  • Duplication is a one-time process. The status pages will not sync any changes.
  • The new status page will require it’s own billing subscription. See Multiple Status Pages for more information.