API Best Practices

The Developer API is provided to enable integrations with your status page. This API is monitored for excessive usage and abuse. Follow the best practices below to ensure that your connections do not get blocked.

Use Caching

We recommend that you do all API requests on the server side, and if possible cache them. If you get any substantial traffic, you do not want to call the API each time you get a page hit, since this may cause your connection to be throttled faster than expected. In general, whenever you can cache data, do so.

Use Common Sense

Should be simple enough. For example, don’t check for the status of a check every other second. The highest resolution is one minute. Checking more often than that won’t give you much of an advantage and will likely cause your connection to be throttled.

Excessive repeated requests will be blocked. For instance, don’t repeatedly update the status of a component that is operational. Only send status updates when the actual status changes. 

Concurrent requests will cause your connection to be blocked. Only send 1 request at a time. Wait at least 1 second after a request completes before sending another request.